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How to Get Bigger Chest?

If you work out to get fit you most likely focus on various exercises just to get the body you desire. Many guys out there do not really want to have that gladiator-like posture where every part of the body
is oozing with muscles. There are guys who only want to improve certain muscle areas, with chest being the most common. You still should focus on every muscle in your body but if you wonder how to get bigger
chest, here are some ways this can easily be done at home with a bench and a few dumbbells. I still do recommend hitting the gym for a better experience!

Never Underestimate Push-Ups

People who are trying to get in shape have been ignoring the benefits of push-ups. If you want to know how to get bigger chest, push-ups are one of the best things you can do at home to help you out. Doing
it properly is important to get its optimal benefit. When doing this exercise, make sure you position your hands at the same width as your shoulders.

Yes, this exercise can be really difficult but will definitely answer your question on how to get bigger chest. Perhaps it is the reason why it is so often underestimated. Push-ups will give your body a lot
of good muscle workout. It will not only give you bigger chest, but also a well shaped triceps, shoulders and back. Once you got used to it, you can raise it a notch by having someone put some weight on your
back or start doing inclined push ups. Elevate your feet on, say a sofa then do the push-ups. You need to remember that chest muscles are composed of two sets of muscles: one for the upper chest and one for
the lower part. This elevated feet push up will develop your upper chest, shoulder and back. Elevating your hands, on the other hand, will help you develop the lower part of the chest.

Do the Usual and Most Common: Bench Press

If you wonder how to get bigger chest here’s your answer – bench press. This compound exercise is the most common among body builders and trust me – it works the best. You basically lie on your back while
lifting a barbell. It is safe to get a spotter, as this exercise may need assistance when lifting heavy. Bench press gives you the same benefits as when you are doing push-ups but with the ability of putting
on more weight you will develop more muscular pecks.

Shape your Upper Chest: Incline Flyes

Incline flyes will help you shape the upper muscle of your chest. Do this exercise by lying on an inclined surface and holding onto two dumbbells. Lift the dumbbells in an up and down motion while making
sure you maintain a 90 degree angle of your arms whenever it is in a down position. This exercise is best for giving shape and more prominence to your chest’s upper muscles. This exercise can also be done by
having your arms in a wide-open position while carefully lifting up the dumbbells until the two meet.


If you wonder how to get bigger chest then start doing dips. Bar dips also help you get those pecs bigger. Do this by getting two parallel bars strong enough to carry your weight. Position yourself in
between and carefully raise yourself. This exercise will help your chest get bigger, but, according to fitness professionals, is not one of the fastest ways on how to get bigger chest.

Chest is one of the indications of how fit a man is. How many times you heard that question: “So how much do you bench press?” Some men, who really do not have time for a full muscle workout, are contended
with just improving this part. Chest muscles can be easily improved. You do not need a gym membership or personal trainer to get this one in shape.

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